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Fun things to use on a daily basis

Sometimes your life can get a bit boring. How fun would it be to have some small things to just change up for once? These things aren’t the most random things or the most unheard-of things, they’re fun to see, to use, and to have. I think we can all use a little more fun in our lives, why not in our hands?


Most of the time your deodorant is in the form of a spray bottle or a roll-on. For some people, this might work and for others, it might not. The same thing goes for sunscreen, most of the time it comes in a bottle, and you spray it on or squirt it out of a regular bottle. How fun would it be to have these two in a stick form? It wouldn’t only make using it a bit different, but the effect it has can also change. It might help go against the smell and sweat, and sunscreen might help better because of a thicker layer!

Matching packaging

All the different types of packaging that are on your vanity or nightstand might eventually just freak you out. It looks messy most of the time and they have all sorts of forms and different colors. How fun would it be to change the standard cosmetic bottles into some matching ones that also look cute on your vanity and nightstand? You can get these cosmetic bottles in different colors and also different materials. You can even match them to the aesthetic the room that they’re standing in has. If you feel like this is something you would like, search for bottles“>wholesale dropper bottles or cosmetic bottles, or something like that!

Air purifier

Everyone has them by now, if not, you’ll of course have to join everyone by getting one. The air purifiers are mostly fun for you to smell when you’re working from home, trying to sleep, or watching a movie. Certain scents can calm you down and relieve stress, others just smell nice and just make you feel happier or sleepier. You have to try out some of these scents before you can decide on which one works best for you or if they even work for you at all. Most of the time, these tend to work well when they’re in a medium-sized room in which the smell doesn’t just evaporate because of how big the room is. Definitely worth the try!

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