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People with Autism and Opportunities for Work

Through, it is hoped that observers, institutions related to education and workforce, as well as parents of people with autism, can attend and gain additional valuable knowledge to provide input and encouragement, as well as enthusiasm for people with autism, so they can live independently.
There is a growing body of research showing that with the right type, level, and intensity of support, individuals with autism can work in a variety of autism employment in their community.
People with autism do not mean they can’t work. However, to enter the world of work, they must be prepared early on. Can be through continuous training.

Empowerment in the form of education and job training for people with special needs is a program that is often carried out by various institutions, both private and government abroad. People with autism receive training, to create jobs that are tailored to their work abilities. help people with autism and their parents, in capacity building. Through activities and training as well as empowerment, people with autism can be independent.
This activity is a form of positive contribution in the world of education, especially for those with special needs. It will also explain what aspects of people with autism can be optimized so that they are able to work and be independent. As well as what types of work are suitable for them.

Sensitive to See Job Opportunities for Children with Autism

Every parent must teach how children with special needs can make money independently in order to survive. Independence for children with special needs should be an achievement for parents who want to prepare for their children’s future.

Although it is true that independence for children with autism will vary depending on the level of symptoms. If the child is still able to communicate with a fast response, when the child is an adult, the child can still work.

However, keep in mind that children with autism have several advantages that most children do not have. Among them are very good memory, analysis of incident patterns is very good, and have a high focus on work without having to be forced.

In addition, children with autism also have unique creativity and specific interests that can greatly contribute to productivity at work. It’s just that acceptance from other people for people with autism to work in the work area of ​​normal people is of course very important.

The trick, give a job that is clear the end goal. Give jobs with structured procedures and a quiet workspace because they are sensitive to noise and lots of people passing by. As long as they understand the way and flow of work, people with autism no longer need assistance from other people.

There have been many companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, Google that provide work areas for people with special needs, who are consciously opening these vacancies. This child can work as long as he is according to his profile. For example, if this child is good at installing stitches in that section, that’s where it continues.

Talking about competition in the world of work, children with autism tend not to care. What is of concern is bullying behavior towards autistic people in the work environment.

So, what if the child does not have good verbal skills making it difficult for him to get a job in a conventional office? As parents can introduce art to children. Or some things that spark autistic interests such as science, technology, and the arts.

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