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Not only bad but this is also the advantage and reason of tobacco

Everyone definitely needs time to be alone, be it as a moment to recharge themselves or to refresh. Incidentally, smokers also need time to be alone, but they are not really alone because there are HEETS Creations USA that becomes their friends.

Investigate a calibration, apparently, the reason smokers continue to smoke is that they can escape from boring chatter. Often they feel trapped in a conversation that makes them bored so they need a reason to immediately run away from there.

When they go to smoke, of course spending a single cigarette takes a long time. By the time they returned to the chat room, the boring chat was over.

The sensation of smoking is also inseparable from the reason why many people are reluctant to stop smoking. According to them, every cigarette has a delicious start, a pretty interesting middle, and a satisfying ending. In fact, they often feel that one stick is not enough, so they have to add more.

As reported by Wonderopolis, one of the main reasons why someone can’t quit smoking is because of environmental demands. The reason is, there are indeed some people who always hang out with friends who smoke so that he will be carried away smoking too.

If they do not smoke, they will be considered cowards. So, the habit of smoking will continue because there is influence from his friends without caring about his health plus quitting smoking is very difficult.

Large studies show other benefits of smoking, namely the benefits of restenosis or narrowing of blood vessels that cause blood flow to be limited, such as blood vessels to the heart (cardiovascular disease) or to the brain (stroke). Smokers have a better chance of survival and faster healing.

Carbon monoxide is a by-product of tobacco smoke. A report suggests very low levels of carbon monoxide can help victims of heart attacks and strokes.

Carbon monoxide inhibits blood clotting, thereby dissolving dangerous clots in arteries. The researchers focused on the close similarity between carbon monoxide and nitric oxide, which keeps blood vessels dilated and prevents the buildup of white blood cells.

Recently nitric oxide has been upgraded from a common air pollutant to the second most important physiological link internally. Therefore, it is not surprising that carbon monoxide can paradoxically save the lungs from injury due to cardiovascular blockage.

A researcher at the National Cancer Institute argues that smoking can prevent the development of skin cancer that afflicts mainly older people in the Mediterranean region of Southern Italy, Greece, and Israel. That’s not to say smoking is recommended for that population, says Dr. James Goedert, but what’s important is that smoking tobacco can help to prevent a rare form of cancer. And this is an acknowledgment from researchers at the National Cancer Institute that there are benefits from smoking.

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