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Benefits of using a foot massager

Have you been feeling tired lately but don’t have time to go to the massage therapist? Well, you might be able to try a Foot Relaxer. This tool will help relieve fatigue in your legs and you can use it anytime.

There are many people who experience fatigue in the legs. Fatigue can be caused by work or an uncomfortable sitting position. If you experience this, you can use a foot massager to overcome it.

In addition, on the feet there are many nerve points so massaging the feet is an effective step to maintain health. By doing massage on the feet, blood circulation will be much better and the body will feel fit. So let’s massage your feet when you feel tired from overwork.

How to choose a foot massager

One of them by using a foot massager when your feet feel tired. So, how do you choose the right foot massager product? Here’s the review.

Find the type of foot massager that suits your needs

There are two types of foot massagers, namely the stationary type (installed/placed somewhere) and the compact type which is easy to carry around. Understand each product characteristic and choose the type that suits you best.

The stationary type is ideal for those of you who want not only massage function but also acupuncture function. Many of these types consist of a combination of rollers and airbags. The main focus of this type is massage from below the knees to the soles of the feet. Because of its large size and requires space for installation, this type is suitable to be placed in certain rooms.

On the other hand, the compact type functions more as a massage tool. There are various parts of the body that can be massaged, such as calves, thighs, and all parts of the foot, from toes to thighs. This type is quite compact, easy to store, and travel with.

Choose the product according to the part you want to massage

There are three main areas that can be massaged with a foot massager, namely the soles of the feet, calves, and thighs. Choose a product that can massage the area of ​​your feet that is often tired.

For those of you who often travel for business or caring for children, focus on the soles of the feet. If you spend a lot of time standing or sitting, you should opt for a calf-centered product.

Meanwhile, if you experience fatigue all over your feet, choose a product that can massage from your toes to your thighs. Please choose a foot massage product according to your foot fatigue level.

If you want a foot massager that can massage your entire foot, we recommend the multifunctional type. As the name implies, the multifunctional type is a foot massager that has many functions.

Depending on the product, this type of foot massager has various massage methods. In fact, there are also products that have a massage method with a roller for the soles of the feet and calves. There is also a massage method with a finger pressure ball attached to an airbag. In essence, the multifunctional type will provide a variety of massages for you.

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