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Drug Screening

Instant drug testing allows creating customized drug screenings based on your individual needs. It also allows us to effectively categorize and classify some of the most common types of medication, giving us accurate insight into the particular substance a person has used or ingested.

Drug tests offer the ability to screen for specific substances or perform comprehensive tests that cover almost every possibility. Whether you opt for a urinalysis test, hair test, nail test, or saliva test, you can count on Drug Test for fast results at an affordable price. Although used interchangeably, drug testing and drug screening are two very different terms. Drug tests are often more reliable and provide an accurate analysis of a person’s substance use.

Large companies usually prefer testing over screening. On the other hand, drug screening is a more cost-effective approach, as it is relatively cheaper than drug testing. Also, drug screening receives results more quickly than drug tests. Sometimes, drug screening can produce false-positive results for certain drugs.

Whether employers require a drug test or screening, they look at the prospective employee’s results for signs of drug use. Drug use can exhibit certain behaviors that can affect if the company will hire the individual. Illegal drugs are often associated with low productivity, frequent absences, potential harm to coworkers, and constant job change.

Apart from being an important requirement for employment, companies also often require their employees to undergo regular drug tests to ensure current employees are not using certain drugs. A urine Screening System is an application program in the form of an information system regarding the initial examination (screening) of urine-containing drugs.

This application program was created based on the need to improve drug testing services at the National Narcotics Laboratory Center of the National Narcotics Agency to support the Prevention, Eradication, Abuse and Illicit Trafficking of Drugs (P4GN) programs. Where one of the tasks and functions of the Narcotics Laboratory Center of the National Narcotics Agency is to provide testing services through laboratory processes from the aspect of Biological and Toxicological Specimens.

The scope of the discussion in the Urine Screening System consists of several materials, including urine drug testing parameters on screening tools, use, and detection of screening tools, urine examination flow, urine screening tool models, urine screening is an initial examination, false positives on urine screening tools Drugs and urine tests are more effective than other specimens. In addition, the Urine Screening System also contains several publications in the form of articles and the latest news about urine screening. The latest publications and news about urine screening can be updated by the appointed team at least once a month.

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