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Why is it important to know who the father of your child is?

Besides the fact that it is incredibly important for your child to have both a mother and father in his or her life, there are other good reasons to consider a home paternity test if you are unsure who the father of your child may be. For example, it can be incredibly difficult for the potential father the child if he doubts that the child is his at all. In this blog we have listed some common reasons for this.


If a child is born in another country, but has parents of different nationalities, the child is entitled to the nationality of both parents. Here is an example. Suppose the mother of the child is Dutch and the baby is also born in the Netherlands. Then the baby automatically has a Dutch nationality. But if it turns out that the child’s father is British, then the baby is also entitled to a British nationality. If you are going to apply for this nationality for your child then you will often be asked for proof. Because the father in this case is British and you want to apply for British nationality, you may be asked for a paternity test.

Medical History

Family history can play a very important role in some medical situations. For example, cardiovascular disease may run in your family more frequently. If doctors are aware of this, they can respond more quickly and you will have a better chance of recovery. To find out about your family’s medical history you do need to know who your biological family is. That’s where a paternity test could come in handy. Lets be honest, everyone wants to know what they are up against.

Personal reasons

Of course, the father and mother may also have personal reasons why they would like to know who the child’s father is. For example, it may be difficult for the father to bond with a child who may not even be his. But there are also fathers who love the baby unconditionally despite the outcome. In these cases, there may be other reasons to undergo the home dna testing kit. For example, you can also choose it if you just want to know. What you do with the results is entirely up to you as a father, but everyone is entitled to an honest answer to this difficult question.

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