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Ways to Curb Your Drinking

Addictions can come in all forms. You can be addicted to television or gaming, not able to go anywhere, talk to anyone or get anything done because all you want to do– and then later, all you can do– is stay glued to the TV. You can be addicted to certain foods. Sugar, for example. You can’t stop yourself from eating it, and you spend all your time consumed craving it and planning your next stop at the bakery.

Many people are addicted to a certain drink: coffee. What began as a great pick-me-up or extra boost of energy in the mornings is now something you rely on to get through the day. You feel horrible when you don’t have it, and you’ve realized you need it to function “properly.” There’s another type of drink addiction that many face and many struggle to get out of, and that is alcohol.

Alcohol is one of the more serious addictions, mainly because of the dangers it poses. First off, it’s an antidepressant that dulls your mind and messes with your brain’s pathways of communication, making your reaction time slower and your decision-making less reliable. When under the influence of alcohol, you’re much more likely to make choices you may regret. You’re more likely to get into trouble, and it may be trouble that causes lasting damage.

For example, drinking and driving is some thing that kills many every year. Their judgment is poor, so they decide driving is a good idea. Their vision is unclear, making them swerve and run lights. Their reaction time is slow, so if there’s an oncoming car and they need to slow down, they won’t be able to do it in time, and they crash.

Furthermore, aside from those kinds of mental dangers, there are physical dangers to alcohol. Alcohol can destroy your body in many ways. It can lead to heart problems such as high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, and even stroke, and liver problems and inflammations such as fibrosis, alcoholic hepatitis, and fatty liver.

Alcoholics can experience improper digestion due to pancreatitis and swelling in their pancreas’ bloodstream if consuming too much alcohol. Many different times of cancer are associated with excessive alcohol use, including liver cancer. Alcohol also weakens the immune system, which makes those who drink regularly more susceptible to contracting diseases as their bodies can’t fight it off as successfully.

So, what can one do to stop drinking alcohol? Read on to learn ways to curb your drinking.

Digging Out of the Hole

People can get into this addiction for all different reasons. Perhaps they tried it at a party and got hooked. Maybe they need it sometimes to take the edge off of things, but it’s becoming more and more common that they are starting to make a habit of it.

Or perhaps there’s some hole in their life that they try to fill with alcohol. As has been said, alcohol is not the problem. It’s your solution. You’ve got a problem, and you’re turning to alcohol for a solution. So, you have to look at yourself and find what the problem is that you’re trying to solve with drinking, and perhaps by addressing this problem, you’ll be able to find you don’t need to drink anymore. What’s the hole in your life that you’re trying to fill through your drink?

If you address this problem, you may be able to find the root of your drinking and be able to stop it. By finding the hole, perhaps you’ll be able to start filling it. Reach out to friends, family, professionals, or any loved ones that could lend support to give you the means and the strength to fill your hole and be free!

Peptides Are a Potential Shovel

Peptides, and more specifically Melanotan 2, could be a key to curbing drinking and other health benefits. Peptides are melanotan-2-online”>natural compounds found in the human body that contain an amino acid chain.

Melanotan 2 controls the signals of oxytocin in the brain, which has been linked to impulse control through these experiments. Scientists tested the peptide on rats and found that even those who preferred alcohol at the beginning of the experiment reduced their alcohol intake and increased their water intake after being given Melanotan 2. In such experiments, scientists have been able to tie Melanotan to impulse control, addiction control, and cravings.

Although not cleared for human use as of yet, by taking Melanotan, you may be able to finally find the ability to stifle your alcohol cravings and control the impulse to drink so that you can finally fill your hole and be able to live your life free and to the fullest!

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