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Six Effective Ways to Realize Sex Fantasy

Six Effective Ways to Realize Sex Fantasy. Starting from imitating scenes in erotic movies or books to leaving sex aids just in bed can help realize sexual fantasies.

Every partner needs fantasies in sexual intercourse.
However, not everyone can fantasize easily even though they are naughty, talk about stimulating things, and take advantage of a magic wand.

Reporting from She Knows, Dr. sexology. Jessica O ‘Reilly assesses that sexual fantasies must be understood by everyone in order to reach their erotic point and channel their sexual desire, passion, and satisfaction in sexual intercourse.

“These feelings help you get into a good mood for sex and make it easier for stimulation to complete sexual intercourse.
It is also important to ‘down the side’ erotic,” said the sexologist who has made The Sexual Pro-Series Webinars.

a person also needs to discuss his fantasy issues with his partner in order to have the coveted game.
In addition, sex scenes in movies and books can also be a way to start imagining sexual relations.


Use reference

Talk to your partner about some hot scenes in films like in Fifty Shades Darker.
You can also deliberately open a book page that is part of your favorite images.
“Use the hint to help. Sometimes the clue is by pointing it first,” says sex therapist, Dr. Kat Van Kirk.


Talking on the bed

Start talking while foreplay and having sex.
When you are making out or having sex, whisper seductive words or phrases in your partner’s ear.
It is also not unusual for someone to feel embarrassed to do so.
However, playing back sounds can help.
“Play music loudly, so your voice is not the only voice your partner hears,” said Jessica.

Leave props

A number of sex aids such as eye patches and/or fine hairs can be one of the tools in realizing imagination.
The trick put it on the bed. “This will spark a sexual fantasy,” said Van Kirk.

Spend the night like a date

Van Kirk suggests, go on a date night together, for example by going shopping for something the two of you will later use.


Use your imagination

Jessica said a person does not need to completely step out of his fantasy.
In essence, let your imagination wander to indulge in the sexual relationship that is being lived.
“Sometimes the imagination is much stronger in your head than when it is done,” he said.

Start slowly

Do something new like a style, location, or scenario all at once.
He gave an example, someone’s fantasy might want sex in public.
“This is very normal as a new thing and a distraction.
It shows that you are human and open-minded,” said Jessica.