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Paintings for the children’s room

The decorating of the children’s room should be taken as seriously as the design of the living room. Hang lovely curtains, organize pillows, spread carpets, and blankets, arrange toys on shelves, and, of course, don’t forget about canvas prints of paintings. Paintings in a child’s room can not only express a mood but also establish a love of art from childhood.

Once choosing paintings for a child’s room, consider the interior style, the color scheme of the room, the child’s gender, and, how old he or she is, his hobbies. Paintings, posters, and photos in children’s rooms can be made in both pastel and bright and flashy colors, depending on your interior design. A single large and bright painting or a series of modular paintings can represent a one-of-a-kind accent in the room.

Using photographs to decorate the children’s room

Many people like to decorate the nursery walls with joint family photos, photographs of the mother during pregnancy, early photos of the baby, and even ultrasound photos. Black-and-white images of the baby or parents during childhood will look stunning. It is also popular to use the monochrome or pencil technique to style a baby portrait. These do not have to be professional photographs taken at special children’s photo sessions. Several Instagram-style photos are also suitable.

Posters for the kids’ room

Posters, in addition to paintings and photos, can be used to decorate the baby’s room. Today’s poster selection for children’s rooms is so big that you can easily find a suitable story and color scheme. Small posters and even postcards with baguettes and passe-partout decorations will look even better than photographs! Today, you can find many informative posters on the Internet with the alphabet, flora and fauna representatives, maps, and so on. A variety of symbols, patterns, characters, and flowers — all of this can be an excellent choice for decorating the walls in a kids’ room. You can also decorate the walls with postcards sent to you during a celebration of the birth of a child.

What subjects should be chosen for the children’s room?

Any works in the animalistic genre, especially pictures with bears, would be appropriate as paintings and posters for the newborn’s room. This is a gender-neutral theme that is suitable for both a newborn girl’s and a newborn boy’s room. Baby elephants, kittens, owls, painted bears, and puppy photos — such images are fitting for any newborn’s room.

The storyline of the photograph can be frequently chosen based on the style of a children’s room. For example, if the children’s room is decorated in a military theme, the walls can be decorated with bright maps, ship posters, or pirate illustrations from children’s books. You can hang a poster or a picture of a sea in the room’s calm color scheme, and white boats are above the bedroom.

Not only can paintings by artists be used to decorate the walls, but so can children’s artwork. Your children’s drawings, when properly designed, can become the best decoration and even an accent of the interior not only in the kid’s room but also in other rooms. Paintings by children in gouache, acrylic, or watercolor look nice. Furthermore, children’s works are the most cost-effective option for decorating a child’s room. To save more money you can order custom canvas prints here.

Illustrations in the girl’s room

It is important to consider the child’s hobbies when selecting paintings for a room for older children. A girl who enjoys dancing, for example, will appreciate paintings of ballerinas or even Degas reproductions. Neutral subjects include birds, fish, flowers, and landscapes. Illustrations from children’s fairy tales and favorite books will fit well. The theme of Alice in Wonderland, for example, is very popular in girl’s rooms. You can express your creativity by ordering modular paintings of fairy-tale characters from the book.

Paintings in the room for a boy

In the children’s room of an older boy, pictures with technology, nature, balloons, vehicles, tables with flora, and fauna will look good. Also, posters with maps are suitable for boys: maps of the area, cities, maps of the starry sky.

Choices and thoughts on how to hang paintings in a child’s room

Paintings could be used to decorate the walls in a range of methods. The simplest is to hang paintings with nails. If you want to do this, you can do it on your nails. If this option is too classical and boring for you, use your imagination. Your children’s room has a unique style to create a suitable design of paintings or photos.

Additionally, decorated works can be placed on special narrow shelves for paintings (photo below).

These are available at Ikea and other home improvement stores. These shelves appear much more unique than traditional hung paintings. You can also add some preparation by grouping the paintings one on top of the other. Place colorful children’s books on the shelf. They will not look worse than framed paintings.

Make an unusual collage or panel for the children’s room with your own hands. For example, use a handprint or a simple rope to create a unique decoration for your home (photo below).

Posters printed on thick cardboard can be hung with skirt straps (photo below).


When choosing canvas prints or posters for a child’s room, don’t limit yourself with just one or two pieces. You have the alternative of creating an entire gallery. The more objects there are in the child’s room, the more interesting it will be for him to look at them and explore his surroundings.

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