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How to Make Kids Love Reading

A study conducted by Dr. Anne E. Cunningham of the University of California Berkeley stated that a love of reading will affect a person’s intelligence.

This also makes parents often want their kids to love reading. But do parents already know what the right tips are so that their kids grow up to be someone who likes to read?

Here are 3 tips so that kids love to read, and which are certainly easy to apply to their beloved kids.

1. Start with a personalized book

One tip is personalized books help kids to raise Interest in reading. Over the years, personalized children’s books have become increasingly popular. This is when kids’ names, addresses, likes, and dislikes are entered into a storybook – characters can even look like children. These books are sold online through, one of the largest publishers of personalized books. Kids have a tendency to like customized books due to the fact they are made especially for them and regularly function themselves or their pals and household participants as the heroes of the story. And reading a personalized book together can be a very enjoyable experience for both parents and children.

2. Read a book to your little one

The second tip that can be done is to be diligent in reading stories to your little one regularly. Parents can read it as a lullaby for children. Do not forget, the most interesting part for the kids is the expression when parents read. Starting from intonation, facial expressions, until the voice needs to be adjusted to the characters in the book.

3. Give a book as a gift

In addition to toys, occasionally give him a book as a gift. This will make kids experience that books are special. Especially if you give a book that contains his favorite character. With these tips of course the kids become impatient to immediately read the book. If done regularly, these tips will also make kids feel how interesting the process of sorting and choosing the book that will be the next target is.

4. Give an example by diligently reading

This step is also a crucial one. The reason is, children often imitate the behavior of their parents in everything. Therefore, seeing parents like to read will also trigger the child’s desire to continue to want to read new books.

5. Let your little one choose the book they want

Inviting your little one around the bookstore to choose the book they want to read will be a fun experience and will be imprinted on the child’s mind.

If done regularly, these tips will also make children feel how interesting the process of sorting and choosing the book that will be the next target is. In addition, these tips will make children feel that reading books is a fun thing to do every day.

Those are some steps you can take to get your kids used to read. How? Are you ready to get started?

Let’s live the culture of reading from an early age and choose the best-personalized book for your little one only in the Lion story!

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