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6 Facts about these sex dolls are rarely known

6 Facts about these sex dolls are rarely known. Apart from being used to satisfy sexual desires, there are many other secrets that womanizer have that are rarely known.
You must have heard the term “sex dolls” or sex dolls. Sex dolls are real human substitute dolls to satisfy the desire to have sex. Sex dolls can be male or female, but the function remains the same. This doll also has the same body size as a human.

This time this article has collected 7 facts about sex dolls that are rarely known. Immediately, let’s see the reviews!

1. Very similar to real humans.

Sex dolls are almost 100 percent human, except that they are not alive.
Starting from head to toe, as well as various accessories (miss V, mister P, etc.) as a sexual stimulant.
These accessories can vibrate, remove, replace, and release fluids like the human body.
In fact, many sex dolls have been made capable of making a sighing sound.

2. The size varies.

Sex doll sizes vary depending on the order. Sex dolls also weigh quite a lot.
Dolls made of synthetic materials can weigh anywhere from 34-52 kilograms, and some as high as 60 kilograms.
You can also find sex dolls that are the size of schoolgirls but have body parts as adults.

3. Dutch Wives.

Did you know that in Japan sex dolls are called “Dutch Wives”?
This nickname came from the sailors from the Netherlands who had to sail for months and needed help with sexual activities, and that’s why the sex doll was created.
The sailors also dressed the sex dolls in clothes made of leather which were then sold to the Japanese public.

4. Sex dolls as commercial sex workers.

Uniquely, Japan also used to replace the role of commercial sex workers (CSWs) with sex dolls.
There are already many brothels in Japan that prefer to serve sex dolls over sex workers.
Because dealing with dolls is safer and more private.

5. Married to a sex doll.

Not only as gratification for men, but it also seems that many men have decided to marry their sex dolls.
As did a man from Michigan, America, named Davecat.
The marriage was indeed not legal, but he still considered the doll as his legal wife.
Davecat also has two other sex dolls that he considers his wives, each of which has a twitter account.

6. Never disappoints.

According to the confession of people who have used sex dolls never disappoint.
Men who have had sex with sex dolls said that women tend to be chatty and do not want to give in when having sex, but this is different from sex dolls. In addition, they can have intercourse at any time.

Those are 6 facts about sex dolls. What do you think, are interested in having it?

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